Solution for Small & Medium Sized Enterprises

SMEs certainly need to commit themselves to security and energy efficiency, especially with regard to critical and large-scale investments and infrastructures or in the storage and processing of large amounts of information. Moreover, virtually all medium-sized and large companies process large amount of sensitive data and it need to ensure continuity of service to clients, employees, citizens, suppliers and business partners. This is why innovation is key to CHAMPION’s strategy of offering products that meet clients’ current requirements and providing them with rack installation possibilities or the opportunity to expand power capacities. CHAMPION has the technology and know-how to offer clients highly-versatile, customizable solutions for the protection of these types of facilities in SMEs.


  • Lastest technologies - stand-by, line- interactive and on-line double conversion
  • A wide range of UPS & Inverter from 800 VA to 60 KVA
  • In-built as well as external battery option available
  • Pure Sine Wave UPS & Inverter available
  • Easy to install, small, light weight, compact and maintenance free
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Cold-Start Facility
  • Back-up time available upto 10 hrs
  • Optional Software Interface
  • Full safety from short circuit, overload, unsafe voltage levels etc.
  • Heavy Duty Battery Charger
  • Wide input range (145~280vac)

Compatible Devices

Wi-Fi Router
Hard Drive