Solution for Hospital & Healthcare Facility

Modern hospitals and healthcare provides excellent service to their patients through a heavy reliance on the flawless and precision performance of sophisticated technology based medical equipments such as clinical analysers, imaging modalities, patient monitoring, cardiac cauterization systems, Lasik surgical equipment and other sensitive electronic systems. And all these equipments are extremely susceptible to damage and disruption caused by power quality problems. When that happens, rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment is impossible. That’s why there are no substitutions for medical-grade high quality power backup systems.

CHAMPION UPS provides high quality products and solutions for hospitals and healthcare facility which are designed to prevent power related destruction, damage and disruption to ensure sophisticated medical equipments to perform as they were intended. These uninterruptible power systems offer comprehensive UPS condition alerts, high surge overload capacity, and clean electrical environments to maximize safety and performance in patient contact applications.

True Online Double Conversion UPS for Medical Equipments

High Quality SystemIGBT ModuleSingle/Three Phase UPS

Champion Double conversion UPS designed to provide 100% voltage conditioning. It rectifies AC mains into a DC voltage which is connected to an inverter input to provide a good clean AC sinewave waveform for the UPS output. These UPS operate continuously regardless of what happens to the commercial AC power source and provide protection during untimely power outages.

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Medical equipments for which solution are available.
• X-ray devices
• CT scanners
• MRI scanners
• Angiography
• Ultrasound equipment
• Etc.

Please contact us today so that we can assist you select the correct product for your application, customize solution available as per your requirement.


  • Lastest technologies - stand-by, line- interactive and on-line double conversion
  • A wide range of UPS from 800 VA to 60 KVA
  • Pure Sine Wave UPS & Inverter available
  • Single Phase / Three Phase UPS
  • Extended runtime with external battery
  • Built-in automatic bypass
  • True on-line topology
  • Cold Start function for starting from batteries
  • DC start & Automatic self-diagnostic function
  • High input power factor
  • IGBT Module and Latest PWM Technology
  • Smart Computer Interface
  • Full safety from short circuit, overload, unsafe voltage levels etc.