Solution for ATM, Banks & Financial Institutes

Banks & Financial Institutes are the pillar of our system and provide flawless service to their customers at bank branches, offices, ATM, etc. Every day thousands of transactions are made through ATMS, cash dispensers, cash receivers or at branches. But when those devices go down because of a power outage or transactions are inaccurate because of power disturbances, not only is the transaction threatened, but the reputation of who owns the device as well.

CHAMPION UPS offers the cost effective and high quality power backup system for your every ATM and braches offices. Our UPS is quietly and inconspicuously protecting the operations of leading banks and their branch offices everyday.


Single Battery SystemBackup Time upto 10 hrsSuper Cost Effective

ATMs plays a very significant role in banking and it became important, not only in retaining customers but also gaining a competitive advantage. That’s why great efforts are taken by banks and service providers to ensure that the ATM is running 24x7. And the most compulsory entity you need is clean & continuous power. Majority of the ATM are down just because of power failure.

Champion UPS ensures clean and uninterrupted power to the ATM. It is designed to work efficiently even if the gird power is low or high. Heavy duty charger enables the batteries to charge sufficiently, resulting the ATM being running for several hours at a stretch even during long power outages.

Install Champion UPS & we will help you in delivering high level of customer's satisfaction and improving customer’s loyalty.

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  • Lastest technologies - stand-by, line- interactive and on-line double conversion
  • A wide range of UPS from 800 VA to 60 KVA
  • Pure Sine Wave UPS
  • Single Phase / Three Phase UPS
  • Long Backup Time upto 10 hrs
  • Comes with Heavy Duty Charger for Fast Charging
  • Extended runtime with external battery
  • Built-in automatic bypass
  • True on-line topology
  • Cold Start function for starting from batteries
  • DC start & Automatic self-diagnostic function
  • High input power factor
  • Smart Computer Interface
  • Full safety from short circuit, overload, unsafe voltage levels etc.