Online UPS with inbuilt Galvanic isolation Single Phase

6KVA-10KVA1:1 PhaseTrue Online Double Conversion UPS


The Champion UPS On-line Series is yet another option for applications that require the best protection and maximum reliability in electrical protection for businesses and industry. With its double conversion On-line technology, the most reliable technology on the market, this UPS is a single phase output UPS with single phase input designed to support large loads for data centers, large telephone systems and other mission-critical applications. A perfectly regulated, continuous sine wave output with zero transfer time ers guaranteed uptime and compatibility with all types of equipments.


  • True on-line topology
  • Single phase input - Single phase output
  • Smart Computer Interface
  • DSP Microprocessor Control
  • User-friendly Compact Design
  • Input Power Factor Corrector
  • Built in Automatic & Manual Bypass
  • IGBT Module and Latest PWM Technology
  • Wide Input Voltage Range & Generator Compatible
  • Built-in High Capacity Charger for Long Backup Time
  • DC Start & Automatic Self-diagnostic Function
  • Full Protection: Overload, Short-circuit, Over Temp. etc.


  • Data Centers
  • Server & Network
  • Telecommunication Equipment
  • Large Network Switches
  • Financial Institution
  • Emergency Services
  • Medical Equipment
  • Security Systems
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Power / Oil / Gas

Technical Specification

Models UPS-6K VA - 10KVA
Capacity 4800W - 8000W
Input Voltage 220VAC, Single Phase with Ground
Input Voltage Range 165VAC-275VAC
Input Frequency 50Hz
Input Frequency Range 46Hz - 54Hz
Voltage on Mains 220VAC / 230VAC ± 2%
Frequency Synchronized 46-54Hz (Line Mode) 50Hz ± 0.1% (Battery Mode)
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Distortion <2% for Linear Load; <5% for Non Linear Load
Power Factor 0.8
Crest Factor 3:1
Type External Battery Bank
DC Voltage 192 VDC
Recharging Time 8 Hours to 90% of full capacity after full load discharge
Charger Type Constant Voltage & Current
Overall > 85%
Inverter > 92%
Mains I/P Under & Over Voltage cut-off
Inverter Output Overload / Short-circuit / Output Under Voltage / Battery Low
Alarms & Indications
Audible Alarm Battery Mode, Battery Low, Overload, Fault
LCD Display I/P & O/P Voltage/Load Level/Battery Level/Battery Mode/AC Mode/Bypass/Fault
Input Line 1.5 mts. Line Cord
MCB's Battery / Input
Cooling Forced Air
Dimension (W×D×H)(mm) 500×260×717
Net Weight (w/o battery) 22 kgs
* Specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.

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Model: UPS-6KVA - UPS-10KVA

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