Online UPS with inbuilt Galvanic isolation Single Phase

10KVA-30KVA3:1 PhaseIGBT based Double Conversion UPS


RM 3100 range of Three Phase Online UPS systems are designed and built to function in the critical network and cloud environments maintaining both data security and business continuity. With a Micro controlled UPS, the unique design and compact footprint comes with variety of special features including true RMS reading, advanced thermal design and monitoring functions as well as inbuilt galvanic isolation.


  • Micro-controlled UPS
  • Inbuilt galvanic isolation
  • LCD Display
  • True RMS reading of different parameters of UPS
  • Quiet operation, low audible noise
  • Superior output quality ; Output voltage distortion < 2%
  • Unique design, offering lowest MTTR
  • Compact system, lowest footprint to kVA ratio in its category


  • Server & Networks
  • Telecommunication Equipments
  • Industrial Equipments
  • Medical Imaging Equipments
  • Emergency Services
  • Any Sensitive Electronics Devices and so many...

Technical Specification

Capacity UPS-10KVA -30 KVA
Input Voltage 415 V Three Phase
Input Voltage Range 352V -478VAC
Input Frequency 50Hz
Input Frequency Range 47Hz - 53Hz
Voltage on Mains 230VAC Single Phase
Frequency 50Hz ± 0.1%
Distortion <3% for Linear Load
Power Factor 0.8
Crest Factor 3:1
Type External Battery Bank
DC Voltage 192-10 KVA / 360VDC
Recharging Time 8 Hours to 90% of full capacity after full load discharge
Charger Type Constant Voltage & Current
> 90%
Audible Alarm , Battery Low, Overload, Fault
LCD Display O/P Voltage- O/P Current – Frequency /Load-Battery Percent /DC Voltage /Fault
Ambient Operation 0-40 deg C
Audible Noise < 70 dBA (1 mts from surface)
* Specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.