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800VA-1200VALine Interactive UPSBuilt-in Battery


The Champion line interactive built-in battery UPS series provides comprehensive protection for PC equipment. This is Plug n Play UPS designed to provide power protection for high performance computer systems, routers/modems, external storage devices, game consoles and other electronics in your home or business. The UPS is compact and comes with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation), so offers greater comprehensive power protection against surges and spikes / short circuit / overload / unsafe voltage levels, etc. The UPS will continue providing stable power to connected equipment and enable to shutdown PC safely during a power failure. It is a perfect choice for any home or small office application.


  • Quick Charge
  • 12V/24V, 9Ah sealed lead acid maintenance free SMF battery
  • Easy to install and easy to handle
  • Small, light weight, compact and maintenance free
  • Adequate backup even for high end PC
  • Back-up Time: 15-20 mins
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Protection: Fuse Protection / Noise Filter
  • Full Safety from Short-Circuit, Overload, Unsafe voltage, etc.
  • Wide Input Range (145~280VAC)
  • 3/4 Indian Output Sockets
  • Suitable for Indian Power Condition


  • Computer System
  • Printer/Scanner
  • Speakers/Music System
  • Routers/Modems
  • Play Station/Game Consoles
  • Dish TV Set-Top Box
  • External Storage Devices
  • Telephone Systems
  • Any other electronics in your home & office

Compatible Devices

Wi-Fi Router
Play Station
Music System
Hard Drive

Technical Specification

Models UPS-800 UPS-1200
Capacity 800VA 1200VA
Input Voltage 230VAC, Single Phase 3 Wire
Input Voltage Range 145VAC to 280VAC
Input Frequency 50Hz
Input Frequency Range 47 to 53 Hz
Output Voltage 230VAC, Single Phase
Output Frequency 50Hz ± 1%
Output Waveform Stepped Approximation to Sine Wave
Back-up Time (Typical) 15 ~ 20 Mins
AC Normal Solid Green Indication
Back-up Flashing Red Indication Solid Red Indication
Battery Low / Overload Fast Blinking Red Indication Solid Red Indication
Charging Fast Green Indication
AC Fail Slow Buzzer Beeps
Battery Low Fast Buzzer Beeps
Overload on Mains Mains Fuse
Overload on Backup UPS Shutdown
Battery Deep Discharge Battery Low Alarm followed by Shutdown
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Battery Rating 12V, 9Ah 24V, 9Ah
Battery Recharge Time 5 ~ 8 hours
Noise Level < 45 dB
Operating Temperature 0° C - 45° C
Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 305×100×145 370×125×195
Weight 6 kgs 11 kgs
* Specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.

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Model: UPS-800 & UPS-1200

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  Vivek Yele

  May 8, 2015

Great Product...Good Backup...!!

Well this is a great UPS.. Great backup to my computer, router and printer.
I have been using Champion UPS from long time, it has good quality and reliable too.

1. Adequate backup even for high end PC
2. Small & handy
3. Good quality
4. Little higher capacity gives better backup
5. Automatic Voltage Regulation - not to worry about unsafe voltage levels anymore :)

There are no cons so far.


  April 26, 2015

Works. Value for money

I've been using this UPS for my desktop ( i5 2nd gen 2gb ram, 1080p samsung display and 450W smps) and it works fine by far. I didn't test the complete backup time but this ram fine for around 10mins after which power was back.


  July 09, 2015

Name says it all !!!

Been using it from a month, haven't had any problems till now.
I am using it to power my 42" LED TV, TATA SKY HD STB and 5.1 Hometheatre, getting a huge backup of 30 minutes. Great UPS in this price range.
Also, in backup mode it makes a beep sound every 8 seconds, but its not annoying at all.
Planning to buy this for my PC also.


  Oct 21, 2015

Winner At Low Cost Range UPS

Well, I took risk by not going for other reputed brands like Microtek or APC but my risk got paid after using it with lots of anxiety for almost 1 month. Have not tested the total time it gives for CPU as backup but can definitely tell you something useful. I am using Intel i7, 2GB graphics card powered high end PC. I have connected three plugs into the points of this UPS :
1) CPU (High end)
2) Monitor (23" LED)
3) 4 in one Extension Board of Cona where the followings are connected :
a) 5.1 channel speaker system
b) Multiple HDMI connector device
c) Optical (SPDIF) to 5.1 convertor device
d) Adaptor of my internet.

I have used upto 5 min until I shut down the PC (it may survive double or thrice the time but have not tested yet). Then I turn off the monitor switch & 3 switches of the Extension board except the adapter for continue running my internet (in case anyone is wondering how come the internet can continue without the CPU, I have battery powered Router of TP-Link). It provided me more than an hour backup to carry on my internet. It would continue more but fortunately or unfortunately (as I could not completed the backup test) power came. :)
For those who find Pros & Cons in every review, here are those :

Pros :
Adequate backup even for high end PC.
Small & handy.
Nice looking.

Cons :
Yet to find. ;)



  Oct 27, 2015

Does the job!

Ensures un-interrupted power supply for TV (55 inch), STB (tatasky), Speaker(120 Watt power consumption) and Wifi Router (belkin) during power cuts and switchovers between Mains and Generator.
I clocked 15-18 mins power backup, running all devices mentioned above. Which is quite decent and as I expected at this VA rating.
While on backup it Beeps. Cant be turned off though. Which may be a problem if you are looking for something which stays quiet.
During power fluctuations and switchovers, the UPS makes a Click! sound. During frequent fluctuations the Clicking repeats and may sound a bit wierd. I'm not sure if it really harms the UPS or the equipment in any way.

  Aswini Dutt

  Oct 02, 2015

Excellent buy

Initially had a doubt whether this supports my 4K series TV and my Home Theater. But this is really awesome in this one month usage, supporting my devices more than 20 minutes.

  Mallikarjun Rao

  Mar 09, 2016

Worth it...

Very useful for small office setup...back up is very gud. ..


  July 09, 2015

Completely Reliable UPS - Must Buy

I recently moved into a new Apartment and we don't have a power backup at this moment, so rather than investing 15k to 20k for an inverter, I bought this for my Wi Fi Router alone which is very critical for my work.
Awesome - it powers my WiFi router upto 5 hours. Unfortunately my laptop battery doesn't last more than 2 hours :-)
Conclusion - purpose fulfilled and exceeded my expectation

  Pranav Ojha

  Jun 02, 2015

Good backup with generators

I have lots of electronic items which have hard disks in them (PS3, TataSky Recording box, WD home NAS box) which have to be protected. I need to prevent these devices from power-cut which is quite common in my city.
I bought this UPS 2 weeks back. I stay in an apartment where we have power backup with generators in case of power-loss. However, the problem we face is that every-time power goes, the generator kicks in, and when power comes back, power switches off temporarily and then main line connects. So for single power cut, we get 2 power cuts (one when backup kicks in and second when main power kicks in). This can very easily corrupt hard drives in my devices.
After buying this UPS I am able to connect all these devices + TV & home theater system and WiFi router to UPS. Now the UPS gives backup and I can operate my devices without any difficulty.
This is working out good so far. Good seller and quick delivery too.

  Sandesh Prabhu

  July 09, 2015

Really good - We have used it quite a lot of times now!

Best in class.. Faced no issue after using this product.. Light weight compact and good backup..

Frequently Asked Questions





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Is there any noise (like beep beep sounds) it makes every few min like some other UPS systems?

If you think it's a noise, then of course it does make the noise like all other ups do. Actually it is the alert signal that starts immediately when a power cut happens and the UPS begins to give you the desired backup, the beep continues to be more frequent as the time of backup comes to the end, so that you'll be able to save your work on PC and then shut it down. All good quality UPS, do beeps normally as it is intended for that particular job.

In case of battery life gone, Can we replace the battery?

Yes, of course. Battery has 1 year of warranty with this.
Compatible battery would be 12V, 9Ah sealed lead acid battery of any make.
Average life of battery is 3-6 yrs, it even goes beyond that if UPS is well maintained.
In case if you need service and want to change battery in future, you can contact Service Support center.

Can it give 5 minutes backup on a PC with this config? i5-4440 + GA-H81M-S, GTX 960, Antec VP550P, 2 HDDs

As per configuration you have mentioned + including 8/16gb RAM 2xDDR3, DVD ROM, WLAN Card, power consumption goes upto 350-400 watt max. and maximum wattage supported by 800VA UPS is approx. 480 watt (0.6xVA), so it can give you backup for ~15 mins when UPS is fully charged. All these calculation are based on maximum power consumption and load connected, typically Computer system does run on max. wattage for all the selected components. So we recommend this 800VA UPS will work just fine with your configuration and if you planning connect other devices as well, you can go for CHAMPION 1200VA also.

Will it autoshutdown on low loads like a single wifi router? My numeric ups stops the power suppy if such low loads are connected.

No, it will not stop.
In fact it will perform better and will give you more backup time.

How much back up time will it give if I just connect by wifi router?

It will give you backup of more than 30 mins, if you are using small router then it can give backup upto 1 hr, totally depends on load connected and UPS battery charged.

How long is the power cable?

It is 1.2 mtrs long power cable.

Can this ups support invertor charging?

If you are saying - Does this UPS charges while inverter is ON, then yes it.
As long as UPS is getting enough power from any source (inverter/AC supply) i.e 230VAC, Single Phase 3 Wire, it will charge.

Will this be good enough to support my playstation 4 which has an output of 250W ?

Yes, it will gives you atleast 15+ minutes backup.

Will it work with my 700watt smps? if not, suggest me another.

Yes it will work. 700W is output power of SMPS. The AC input voltage range is 180Vac to 305Vac RMS (auto ranging). And this CHAMPION UPS 800VA can support upto 800VA or 480W of load. So don't worry, it will definitely work just fine.
In case if you are looking for higher range UPS, please search for CHAMPION UPS 1200VA.

I am using beetel modem which uses 12v and 1amp power. could you please let me know how much time backup this ups will provide?

You will get backup of 30 mins or more without any hustle. Works perfectly.

Does this ups work with corsair vs650 power supply? VS650 has active power factor correction, which does not like non sinewave input.

Corsair VS650 needs Input Voltage of 200-240 VAC and Champion UPS 800VA can support maximum of 800VA/480W load.
Output Waveform for this UPS is stepped approximation to Sinewave, plus Champion UPS 800VA comes with automatic voltage regulation means it will protect from unsafe voltage fluctuation and continue providing stable power.
So if you are planing to connect Corsair VS650, Champion UPS 800VA will work smoothly with no problem.

Can it be used with 40 inch Samsung TV?

A: This CHAMPION UPS supports max. 480 watt of load, usually any 40 inch LED needs less than this power, so most probably this UPS can be used for powering 40 inch LED TV. Although check your input power rating of your device for confirmation.

How long it could give back up for a all-in-one desktop?

15-20 minutes backup. It is a good product for the price range. Recommended.

How many watts output does this have?

Small UPS does not have wattage rating, it has VA rating, although it can be calculated as 0.6 x VA rating (approx.), so it 800VA and typically it can support approx. 480 wattage of load.