High Power Inverter

3000VA-10000VAAutomatic Power SystemHigh Performance


The Champion Professional Grade High-Power Inverter series of high efficiencyoffers an alternative source of affordable AC power in both off grid and emergency situations. This DC to AC power inverter produces clean, convenient power, keeping appliances active for hours whether you are powering a TV to watch the big game, powering fans, tubelights, computer or any other small appliances. This is a great portable power source. Also comparing to traditional generators, this inverter produces stable, microprocessor controlled voltage with no-fumes, no-fuel or excess noise. This is ideal for backing up generators with a more reliable source of power for uninterrupted equipment operation.


  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • DSP technology
  • Greater than 90% efficiency
  • Peak power surge support
  • Battery re-charging at low input voltage
  • Front panel LED display
  • Advanced operation setting
  • Customizable load share and charge equalization settings
  • Fast & safe advance 3-stage battery charger
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Battery type selector
  • No-noise, no-fumes, eco-friendly


  • Computers
  • Home Theater
  • Projector
  • Commercial Printers
  • Motor driven equipment
  • Refrigerators
  • Microwave ovens
  • Heavy inductive loads
  • Any home, shop or office appliances

Technical Specification

Models INV-3000 INV-6000 INV-10000
Capacity 3000VA/2400W 6000VA/4800W 10000VA/7000W
Mains Input 230VAC (Nominal)
Input Voltage Range
UPS Mode
Inverter Mode

180VAC - 265VAC ± 2%
155VAC - 265VAC ± 2%
Input Frequency 50Hz ± 3Hz
Short Circuit Protection Circuit Breaker
Output Voltage 230V ± 10% (On Battery Mode)
Output Frequency 50Hz ± 3 Hz (AC Mode); 50Hz ± 0.3 Hz (Battery Mode)
Power Factor 0.7 - 1
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Nominal Efficiency >88%
Overload Capacity 110% for 60 sec, >150% for 20 sec
Type External Battery Bank
Battery Voltage 24V (12V x 2 Nos) 48V (12V x 4 Nos) 48V (12V x 4 Nos)
Battery Charging Voltage 27.4V (Max) 54.8V (Max) 54.8V (Max)
Battery Charging Current 28A 28A 44A
Battery Low Alarm 21VDC ± 0.6V 42VDC ± 1.2V 42VDC ± 1.2V
Battery Shutdown Voltage 20VDC ± 0.6V 40VDC ± 1.2V 40VDC ± 1.2V
Battery Charging Mode Boost / Floating Mode
Audible Alarm Battery Mode, Battery Low, Overload, Over Temperature
LED : AC Normal Green LED
        : Inverter Green LED
        : Battery Low / Fault Red LED
        : Charging Status Yellow LED blinking
LCD Display Status and Parameters
Ambient Operation 0-90% Non Condensing, 0-40 deg C
Communication Port RS-232 / USB / SNMP - Optional
Mains Mode Input / Output Circuit Breakers
Backup Inverter shutdown in case of overload / short-circuit
Battery Over Charge Alarm followed by inverter Shutdown
Battery Deep Discharge Alarm followed by inverter Shutdown
Dimension (DxWxH) (mm) 430x215x375 460x265x475 485x325x600
Net Weight 32 kgs 52 kgs 72 kgs
* Specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.

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Model: INV-3000 & INV-6000

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